Fairfield Stampede

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June 20, 2020

Fairfield Stampede 2020

2020 Stampede

With a population of approximately 400 people, Fairfield welcomes the first annual Stampede ATV/UTV Off-Road Festival. The Fairfield area features hundreds of miles of off-road vehicle trails, camping, fishing, and hot springs. The event’s course features over 7,000 feet in altitude with roadside hot springs and beautiful trails. Come and spend the day exploring the amazing town of Fairfield, Idaho.


Fairfield Map
Fairfield Stampede Course



Darian Renee

Performing @ 1 PM - 3 PM

Hollowed Collective

Hollowed Collective

Performing 3 PM - 5 PM


218 Camas Ave W, Fairfield, ID 83327


Enjoy Fairfield

Fairfield’s charm carries through with the people of the community, the local events, and the historic buildings. Soldier Mountain graces the skyline at 7,177 feet. Boasting a magnificent ski hill there is ample space for snowboarding, nordic and cross-country skiing and amazing powder runs…

Skiing Soldier Mountain Fairfield



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